The Hobson-Taylor Family values the importance of an education. We help students achieve their academic goals by providing a scholarship for undergraduate tuition. You can read more about our current scholarship below:

1. Be one of the following: a graduating high school senior (class of 2019), rising sophomore, rising junior or rising senior in college.
2. Be a member of the Hobson-Taylor family.
3. Be able to provide proof of enrollment at your college or university.


Scholarship Details:
Essay Prompt: (1) What is the meaning of family to you and why is it important? OR (2) If you could change one thing about the family reunion, what would it be and why?

Due Date:
Word Count: 500 – 800 words
Format: MLA

How to Enter:

  1. Include a cover letter with the following information: (Name, Address, School Classification, School Attending, Title of Essay)
  2. Craft an essay that responds to the prompt.
  3. Proofread your essay.
  4. Provide proof of enrollment at your school in your email.
  5. Send your essay to the Hobson-Taylor Family Reunion Committee. (Email:

Chosen applications that meet ALL requirements will be awarded a scholarship in an amount determined by the committee. This is not a competitive scholarship. The goal is to support and encourage students who have successfully completed high school and who plan to further their education.

If you have any questions, please email: