Family Journal


Full Page: $50
Half Page: 
Quarter Page: $15
Business Card Size: $10

  • An additional charge of $10 is required for photographs which are to be included in any size ad. Business card ads that include a photograph on the card are also accepted.
  • Scan and email your requests to Regenia Stokley at ( Photos must be submitted as high-resolution .jpg files via email.



  • The Souvenir Program Book will be printed in portrait format. Ads may contain any graphics and/or photos as described above.
  • The page design will be consistent throughout the book.
  • The typefaces will be limited to four fonts for the entire book, aside from those supplied.
  • Your graphics will make your page unique.
  • Screens of color and gradation of color do not reproduce well and should be avoided. Black/White is preferred.
  • Please do not over design. Simple is more pleasing to the eye and easier to read.
  • The best means to communicate a change on the journal during the production 
process is in writing, via email. No corrections will be taken over the phone. If they are written, there will be less chance of spelling errors.
To ensure excellent quality printing, participants are requested to submit camera-ready ads. Ads must be original, clear black or color print, not fuzzy. Please submit as a Microsoft Word document, with digital quality photographs.
  • TIMELINE FOR RECEIPT OF ADS: All ads must be received no later than the FINAL collection date of: May 31, 2019. 
Any ads received after the deadline may not appear in the souvenir program book.


Ads will not be accepted unless they are accompanied by the appropriate amount of money and a submission of funds form. Ads should be listed on the “Ad Form”; a copy of your ad should be attached; and an electronic copy on CD or USB or by email to Regenia Stokley at

Remittance of Ads

  • EXACT message must be stated.
  • Spelling must be CORRECT.
  • Message must be TYPED in the appropriate size and format.
  • Submit ORIGINAL pictures only. Please ensure that all pictures are labeled with the participant’s first and last name so that they may be returned to the rightful owner.

Remittance of Patrons

  • Names must be ALPHABETIZED.
 Spelling must be CORRECT.
 Names must be TYPED.
 Names must include a TITLE (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., Master, Rev., Dr., Colonel, etc.).
  • Ads must be typed exactly as it is to appear in the Souvenir Journal, or email a copy of your ad and/or business card to Regenia Stokley.
  • Ads can also be emailed
  • All ads are to be print or camera ready. Ad measurements are based on an 8 1⁄2 x 11 page size.
 Black & white or color photographs accepted. Ads will appear in black & white.
You may wish to use one of the following typefaces for your ad: Bookman, Courier, or Times Roman.